At GVR LAW, our family lawyers focus exclusively on all issues relating to family law, common law, separation and divorce. We know family law inside and out, and always push its limits in favour of our clients.

1. Custody and Guardianship

Your children’s best interests are paramount. We can help you achieve parenting arrangements that are in your child’s best interests. We deal with a broad scope of including, but not limited to, guardianship, time with each parent, denial of parenting time by the other parent, decision making of matters related to the child, ascertaining income for child support purposes and payment of child support.

2. Property & Debt Division

After separation, spouses have the task of determining what property they each have an interest in, and how it will be divided. Property includes real property, bank accounts, investments, pensions, and other types of property, In addition, there is the issue of debt that is accumulated during the relationship and who is responsible for such. There are usually problems with ascertaining these issues and obtaining a spouse’s true financial circumstances. We can assess how property and debt should be divided, then advocate for a favorable resolution. If a party is not disclosing their true financial circumstances, we have the knowledge and ability to deal with this common problem.

3. Separation Agreements

The end of a relationship doesn't need to be a long and drawn out process. The team at BOBBLAW takes baby steps to assess your situation at every stage; we will push through roadblocks with care, until we reach a resolution. We will find a resolution for many different topics including spousal support, cohabitation and marriage agreements, and any changes that are needed to existing agreements. Don't leave it for another day, let us take care of everything!

4. Other Related Matters

We also deal with a number of other matters related to separation such as determination of income, spousal support, and helping with the safety of children and our clients through protection and conduct orders.

5. Marriage / Cohab Agreements

We advise clients before or during their relationship with their spouse, and help them protect and preserve assets that they bring into a relationship by drafting marriage or cohabitation agreements (often referred to as “Prenup”). These agreements may also address spousal support issues and other matters related to the spouses, their relationship, and what happens if they separate.

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