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Our focus is those we serve: YOU. We want to empower you with knowledge, tools and options so you can make informed decisions, and help you live your life, not your legal problems.
Shawn Bobb-Lawyer

Shawn J. Bobb

Shawn Bobb is a family law lawyer with almost 20 years of experience. He has provided legal advice, representation in negotiations, and advocated at trial for thousands of people. His focus is to achieve the best results for those he represents as efficiently as possible. Many past and current clients refer their friends and family members to Shawn because of their experience with Shawn and his reputation. Areas of practice are Family Law & Mediation and services provided by Shawn include:

    • Consultation, advice and representation on family law matters including property and debt division, all child-related issues, child support, spousal support and divorce
    • Representation and advocacy in negotiations outside of court or in court.
    • Drafting and advising on “prenuptial agreements”, or cohabitation or marriage agreements to preserve or protect assets
    • All other family law matters
Paul Roxburg- Lawyer

Paul Roxburgh

Paul Roxburgh is a trial lawyer with over a decade of experience providing solutions for businesses and individuals across the lower mainland.


Paul practices in a broad range of litigation matters including Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Estate Litigation and Employment and Human Rights. 


As each case is unique, Paul takes a practical approach by giving all clients knowledgeable, honest, and unbiased advice. He has a successful background of defending our clients’ interests.


Chanpreet Kooner

Chanpreet Kooner practices in the area of civil litigation, particularly property and commercial disputes, and personal injury cases. He catapulted into the legal field at a young age because of his hard work ethic, intelligence and innovative strategies. He is a born litigator that fearlessly represents his clients. Chanpreet has gained significant experience in the court room and at the negotiation table. He has appeared in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia on numerous occasions.

Christopher Dunsmore

Christopher Dunsmore-Lawyer

On behalf of the GVR Law Family, we announce the passing of our family member, friend and colleague, Chris Dunsmore.


Chris was an intelligent and capable lawyer, who we often referred to as Chris “Does-more”. He was extremely analytical and detailed. And we mean EXTREMELY. He left no stone unturned, and if you wanted someone to be thorough, it was him. It was one of his gifts.


He loved chatting with staff and others and treated those in our firm as family.  He often took time with people in the office to chat about anything from politics to cases we were working on and if you were in your office, there was zero chance Chris wasn’t going to pop his head in for a visit.  Often, he would finish the conversation, walk out of the office only to return seconds later to add some thoughts to what he just said.


Chris had enormous compassion for people particularly his clients. He strongly advocated for each and every one of them inside and outside the courtroom. Many of his clients have expressed words of praise for him and the work that he did for them. He was a true advocate and lawyer, and a good human being.


Chris had no children and no family in the lower mainland but regularly spoke of his mother and kept in close touch with her often speaking of how intelligent and caring she is, visiting often when his schedule would permit.


It is a shock to us all that Chris is not with us anymore, but we will remember him.


Who can forget him.


We won’t.


Shannon Theal​

Shannon is a Paralegal and manages all family law cases at the firm. She has years of experience in legal field.

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Legal Assistant

Alexandra Oliveira

Full profile coming soon


Denise Bobb

Denise is a long standing member of the firm. She is a Paralegal and conducts legal research and otherpractice-related matters.


Denyse Gorgas

As the Director of Finance, Denyse is responsible for overseeing financial and business operations. Before joining our team, Denyse spent the majority of her 35 years in the legal sector in small firm management.


Over that time she specialized in assisting lawyers with initial set up and eventual growth of their practices, implementing financial and procedural policies to enable them to maximize performance and productivity with a smaller work force. 


Sarah Claudio

Sarah has been employed in the legal industry for over 12 years. She has experience in all aspects of Law Office Management including Front Office, Business Development/Marketing, and Accounting. Amidst her employment experience, Sarah has continued schooling with a focus on accounting and finance.


Sarah utilizes her wide range of experience in the management of our Accounting Department. She works alongside our Director of Finance to continue to adapt and improve the efficiency of the financial protocols and procedures. Her attention to detail ensures accurate financial information is available to clients lawyers and staff.